Understand the concept of MAC address with HP Printer Support

MAC (Media Access Control) is a permanent address which is used to uniquely identify a device over the entire network. All the devices over the network bear their respective MAC address.

The IP address is also used to uniquely identify a device. The MAC address is assigned by the manufacturer during the manufacturing stage but the IP address is assigned arbitrarily by the router.

MAC address filtering is a highly advanced method to secure your wireless network. It restricts the access to your wireless network by allowing only those devices whose MAC addresses are listed.

It has a disadvantage that the unauthorized devices can penetrate into your network by obtaining your MAC address/HP Printer Support.

MAC address filtering can be turned on or off through the router configuration settings of your router. You can turn it on or off & can also add or remove a device from the filter list.

For assistance on how to access your router’s configuration settings, read your router assistance guide or raise your query to the manufacturer.

Inside your router’s configuration settings, follow either of the following steps or call hp printer support telephone number-

  • Completely turn off the MAC address filtering (Suggested)
  • Add your printer’s MAC address to the list of devices eligible to access your wireless network.

To get to know your printer’s MAC address, press the wireless button given on your printer or touch the wireless option given on the printer’s screen. If still, the MAC address doesn’t appear, then access your Wireless Network Test Report or your Network Configuration Page.

Print either of them from the Wireless Settings menu & note down the MAC address mentioned in them.  If you are unable to print either of these reports, then go through your printer assistance guide to know the correct key pattern for printing Wireless Network Test Report or the Network Configuration Page/HP Printer Support.

Printers having both the Wireless & the Ethernet capabilities have two exclusive MAC addresses (one for the Wireless Network Adapter while the other for Ethernet Adapter). In case of using printer over Ethernet network, use the Ethernet adapter’s MAC address. In case of using printer over Wireless network, use the Wireless adapter’s MAC address.

Note- If you are not sure about any of the addresses, use both of them.

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